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Now, every kitchen will be a Bhimas Kitchen

Welcome to a 70-year tradition of food and hospitality. Thirupathi Bhimas has for over 3 generations now, treated its patrons to sumptuous food varieties from recipes and masalas that have been specially developed and handed-down by tradition.

Thirupathi Bhimas Fine Dine Restaurant is the Bhimas’ way of saying thank you  – let us share the secret of our success’ to every patron and future customer who looks forward to transforming their lives.

Thirupathi Bhimas has always stood for the highest level of integrity and fair practices, be it in its products, services or its partner associates.


Bhimas Group of Hotels started its journey in early 1952 by Late Mr. K. R. Venkatachalam Iyer, the founder of Bhimas Group in Tirupati which has migrated from Palakkad, Kerala. The founder started his hotel carrier at an at the age of 17 years wherein he worked in various hotels at different capacities/positions prior to his arrival at Tirupati. Hard work and dedication brought him success in 1952 when he opened his own vegetarian mess, which was the first of its kind at Chandragiri, Taluk Head Quarters of Tirupati. The quality and taste of the food were so good that within no time the business grew to several branches.

Mr. K.V. Ranganathan, son of Mr. K.R. Venkatachalam Iyer helped his father in the business from the age of 17 years. He gained fabulous experience which enabled him to expand his business into lodging with restaurant facilities in the 1980’s. The expansion process continued thereon. 

The guidance of Mr. K. V. Ranganathan, Chairman Mr. K. R. Venkatachalam and Mr. K. R. Hariharan, Sons and Managing Director of Bhimas Residency Hotel now running the three star hotel successfully. They have also started expansion of Thirupathi Bhimas Fine Dine Restaurant in various cities of South India.


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