Rasam Powder 250g


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An all-time favorite, easy and simple to make, an age-old recipe that tastes differently in each region, packed with wellness, goodness, and fitness is this only South Indian dish RASAM. Each ingredient in this rasam helps you be healthier than ever. Tamarind is the main ingredient that helps in better digestion and increases your appetite when you are sick. Pepper helps to increase your metabolism whereas the lentils supply you with plant-based protein. You can purchase online from Bhimas Kitchens for the best quality and ideal tasting, delicious rasam podi. Helping Farmers: All ingredients are sourced from local farmers with better prices than the market. Women Rural Employment: All our products making units employ local women from nearby villages, providing rural women employment.

Home Made.No Preservatives. Premium and Best Quality ingredients are used.
Suitable For(Age Group) All Ages


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